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Personal Empowerment Coach

Something in your life or business needs to change. You may not even know what that change is, but you know things can't continue the way they are. 

I'm here to help you understand that transformation and guide you through it.

Get your business where you want it, conquer your mindset demons, heal from past trauma.


Leaves Shadow
Leaves Shadow
Leaves Shadow


I'm Chris, mum of two grown kids, indie-rock gig lover and an empathetic nurturer.

I combine my coaching qualifications with two things - my life-long interest in the mind-body connection and 30+ years in the corporate world.

You're here because something in your world isn't working. I'm here to help you fix that.


how I can help you

Pensive Freelancer

Grow your 


Image by Svetlana Pochatun

Guided healing

Beautiful Coral

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Tree on Cliff


Alison Pollecutt
Let Me Wear Your Hat

 Now I have a route to follow and the confidence to launch something I have been wanting to do for a while but haven't known how to start.

Charlotte Jones

Our inner child work has been so amazing - I feel like I have been given the keys to adulthood for the first time in my life.

Natalie Burrows
Integral Wellness

“Chris’ skills in strategy, growth and mindset mean you get a full 360 transformation which is so needed as an entrepreneur.”

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