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I'm Chris and I help women navigate periods of transformation in their life and business. My primary focus is ensuring you know exactly what you want from your life, how to create your legacy and walk away confident in who you are, with the tools and confidence to get what you want from your life, relationships and business.

My Story

My personal mission is all about healing and nurturing. When I started to look for a way to leave corporate, I chose coaching because I've always been the person my friends come to for advice and I've had total strangers confide their secrets to me on more than one occasion.

I minored in Psychology at Uni and have kept a life-long interest in the mind-body connection. I've spent over 30 years in the corporate world, managing red-carpet events and set visits with A-list Hollywood talent, training horses and competing at World Championship level and, most recently, handling an international property portfolio of 130 offices world-wide.

My business experience lets me help women who have left the corporate world to start their own business. They have a world of experience in what they're selling but never learned the basics of running a business.

I am so passionate about my work as a healing guide. My healing journey has been a long and bumpy ride. I know it would have gone a lot faster with someone by my side to help me find the right path to take and I love being that person for women who have been carrying trauma for decades. 

I use my in-depth knowledge of how the subconscious and nervous system hold and respond to past trauma to help women heal and integrate their wounded inner child, guide them through an identity crisis and free themselves from self-destructive behavioural patterns.


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