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Be more Blanc

How much time are you actually giving your business to succeed?

This weekend, I came across a new recipe by Raymond Blanc that he had posted on his website.

The recipe is daunting – 15 steps and a whopping 300 minutes of preparation time!

Self-taught and renowned as one of the finest chef’s in the world, Raymond Blanc knows his way around a kitchen like very people alive.

And yet, here’s his introduction to this new recipe:

The café crème dessert took me six months to create; there were so many things which could (and often did!) go wrong and so many techniques to master - the thickness of the chocolate, the textures, the presentation, the eating experience...

After six months’ total focus, this dessert was ready to grace tables at Le Manoir.


Six months of “total focus”.

A master of his craft spending the time it takes to get every single aspect of a new desert perfect.

A lifetime of experience, the master of some of the most famous restaurants in the world, trainer of equally famous and talented chefs, multiple plaudits for his work.

And yet he takes six months to focus fully on one desert.

One of the parts of the coaching industry that I can’t stand is the constant referrals to “seven-figures”.

“How I made 7-figures in my first year of business.”

“Lessons learned from a 7-figure launch.”

“Want to make 7-figures with your newly launched business? I’ll show you how.”

Look, I will support anyone who wants to build a 7-figure business.

I want a seven-figure business.

But for 99.99% of you chasing that magic number, it’s not going to happen quickly.

Some people hit that number fast, a combination of the right product, an in-depth understanding of their audience, a strong personal brand and, like it or not, a bit of luck and a lot of hard work.

You know what else they do?

They focus on the five ones:

🎯 One platform

🎯 One avatar

🎯 One product

🎯 One conversion mechanism

🎯 One traffic source

🎯 One year

What do these five ones allow us to do?

They give us the time to prove that what we’re doing is right.

That what we’re selling is right.

It gives us the time to really, really understand our audience, time to perfect our skills as a service-provider.

Instead of panicking when the clients and the money don't start rolling in right away.

Or changing direction every other month, launching so many new offerings your audience gets confused.

That one year of total focus gives us the time and space to grow our business, to clearly the see where we’re drifting off the path and the opportunities to correct what’s not working.

All of that allows us to get our foundations cemented before we start adding on to them.

If you’re selling something you totally believe in and that fires you up, if you are constantly growing your audience, if you’re over-delivering, I really believe you can get your business to that magical 7-figure number.

If you even want a 7-figure business.

But if you’re not willing to take the time and the care to build your business foundations, your chances of 7-figures will be drastically reduced.

And I promise you this, if you’re not willing to put in the time, the care and the basics that a master of his craft like Raymond Blanc takes to create one single desert, you’re going to struggle to keep your business going.


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