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Me and money - it ain't pretty

Updated: May 16, 2022

Money mindset blocks are tough to beat.

They’re multi-layered and built up over decades.

They start in our childhood at the family table.

Did your parents always argue about money?

Did you go through periods when there was loads of money to spend and other times when money was tight?

Did your parents tell you that you have to work hard for your money?

And then you hit your teenage years and you start to make your own money to spend the way you want to. You splurged it all at the shops as soon as you got it or you stuck it all in your piggy bank.

You probably hit the corporate world before you had kids. You treated yourself to nice handbags, expensive haircuts, takeaway lunches every day. A few exotic holidays thrown in there because you “deserved them”.

Kids might have come along next and your house looked like a branch of Hamley’s. Childcare, birthday parties, holidays became uber expensive because you could only take them when schools were out.

Have you spent your life as a splurger or a saver?

Me? I frittered.

I blew so much money on not a whole lot.

Other than my kids. And gig tickets 😀

Because here’s the reality, there’s so much more to money mindset than just splurging or saving.

See, here’s my story.

My mother bankrupted my grandparents (who raised me) when I was 17. I missed my first semester of uni working to make enough money to pay the last term of my private high school so I could get my transcripts to go with my uni applications.

My grandfather died when I was 22 and, once again, my mother stole everything he left behind for my gran.

I had to take out a big loan to stop her losing her house.

What did that teach me about money?

🌪 That it’s not trustworthy.

🌪 That if you have it, it can be taken away from you. Sometimes by people you love.

🌪 That if you have money in the bank, people can expect you to bail them out of the mess that they make.

Sooooo… what’s a girl to do but become a card-carrying money avoider?

Other than spending on a lot of junk I didn’t need, how did this show up in my life?

Here’s a few ways:

🙄 Lack of savings.

🙄 Other than my pension, no investments.

🙄 I accepted my salaries and payrises without ever fighting for more money.

🙄 I built up credit card debt.

🙄 I never learned how to wait for something that I simply couldn’t afford.

Today's a different story

Today, as a business owner, I’ve had to completely change my relationship with money. I save up for investments I want to make in my business. I’ve learned to avoid shiny object syndrome.

And most importantly, I’m comfortable charging prices that mean I can live the way I want to.

You might think that your history with money isn’t harming your business. But I can promise you, those beliefs are influencing almost every single decision you make!

Are you undercharging? Do you move from coach to online programme to group programme because you keep thinking you need to learn more before you can make your business work? Do you discount your services so much you can’t pay your bills? Maybe you struggle to receive (there’s an instant business killer!).

Your money stories set your foundational beliefs which create your money mindset blocks.

You’ve got to understand the root cause of blocks in order to be able to break them. And there’s a metric shitload of them out there to figure out!

It’s taken me a lot of work and a bit of time to understand my money blocks. The breakthrough about not having money in the bank so I wouldn’t have to bail people out of their mess? That one came out just a few months ago.

Do you know what your money blocks are and do you know where they come from? How deep have you gone into them?

Do you know how your money blocks are affecting your business right now, today?

Or, even better, hit the button below, book a virtual coffee and let's see if I can help you find the root cause of your biggest money block. Knowledge is the first step to fixing it!

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