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Oh... it's you again...

You’re always going to have to face fear.

Here’s the thing about fear that we need to remember; you will never totally conquer it.

Fear shows up every time we step out of our comfort zone.

When you hear the phrase “comfort zone”, you might think about doing something that challenges you.

🥺 Running your first marathon

🥺 Speaking at a live event

🥺 Publishing an article

🥺 Starting a podcast

These are easily recognisable ways that we push ourselves.

But life pushes us as well

Which means success or life changes that you’ve been longing for can take you out of your comfort zone as well.

And when that happens, when that feeling of the ground quaking beneath your feet hits, fear can come flooding straight back.

I’ve got some big life changes coming up over the next six months.

Ones that have been on the horizon for a while and that I’m looking forward to.

But last week, fear came storming back into my life.

And hit me straight in my body.

My nervous system went haywire, the adrenaline hitting me like a ton of bricks.

My brain started thinking about all of the things that could possibly go wrong.

I went straight back to all my old behavioural patterns

Straight back into my old pattern of catastrophising and feeling the need to be hypervigilant for all potential disasters.

And then, I recognised it for what it was. My brain worrying about change and using my nervous system to make sure I was aware that I was in danger.

I walked it out, I anchored to my breathe, I reminded myself these are great changes.

I changed the story, stopped thinking about everything that could go wrong and focused on trusting that everything will work out fine.

Seems a bit ridiculous that things we want, events we’re longing for can hit us so hard, doesn’t it?

But it’s simple brain maths – change = danger.

This shows up in your business when you’re growing, when you’re hitting your revenue targets and realise it’s time to up your income ceiling.

Fear that you won’t be able deliver to more clients, fear that if you’re making more money your partner will feel threatened or you’ll lose friends out of your life.

Fear will walk with you all of your life.

You can let it torment you or you can let it teach you a better way.

Learning to recognise it and getting the tool kit to accept it in your life and your business is a game changer.

If fear is showing up and stopping you from growing your business and making more money right now, let’s talk about how I can help you face it and shut it down.

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