I work with smart, driven, creative women who want to make progression fast. Women just like you. 

I love the all three of the areas in which I can help you. I have multiple packages and programmes to suit your time and financial considerations.

As a business coach to help you build strong foundations to your young and struggling business or to take it to the next level. I believe women start a business for so many reasons - to express their creativity, to skirt that bloody glass ceiling or to put food on the table. Whatever your reason, your business is important to you and it's time to start making it work.

As a healing guide to help you heal a wounded inner child, find the next steps on your path of transformation or learn to forgive and love yourself. I am the daughter of a narcissistic mother and my healing journey has been long and transformative. I've walked the same steps as you've, listened to the same voices and I know how to guide you away from that pain. It's time to stop the self-destructive behaviour, find your next steps on your journey or put down that generational baggage you've been carrying all of your life! 

As a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and be the happiest version of you that you can be. Is it time to start loving yourself more, free yourself from anxiety or get rid of those money blocks that are holding you back? RTT can help you with that, usually in just one session. 


Pensive Freelancer

Business coaching

Have you started a business in the last few years? Are you selling services you've done in the corporate world for years?

Are you fed up at not being able to find clients? Still not clear on exactly what you're selling? Lost your confidence? Oh-so-close to giving up and going back to the corporate world?

Don't give up yet! You just need to strip it all back to the basics that you never learned in your corporate job. 

Together we'll get you clarity on your niche, your offering, lead generation and taking your tribe from a member of your audience to a fully-paid up client.

Got a established business but you want to take it to the next level? I can help you figure out your next steps and fall back in love with your biz!


Let me use my decades of studying how the subconscious and body react to trauma and emotional wounds to help you free yourself from the pain you're carrying. 

Whether you need to heal your wounded inner child or the mother wound you've dealt with all of your adult life or you're navigating an identity crisis and you can't see the road out anymore let alone your next step, I'm here to take you through this work.

In me you'll find an empathic, trustworthy and dedicated guide to help you lose the pain, silence the noise in your head and break free of self-destructive behaviours for good.

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Beautiful Coral


My interest in the subconscious led me to try a session of RTT during my own personal healing. I loved it so much, I got my qualification in this unique and impressive hybrid therapy.

RTT allows us to drop into your subconscious to find the root cause of your limiting beliefs. That root can then be removed, healed and replaced with positive and affirming beliefs.

I specialise in anxiety, money blocks and self-esteem and self-love.