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When it comes to selling your services do you know what actually works FOR YOU?

If you’re like most people who are struggling with sales, you’re consuming a load of material looking for tips and tricks from people who spend most of their time telling you how they built a 7-figure business.

You’ll find plenty of advice out there. And everyone will tell you something different to do.

Because here's the thing – they’re teaching you what worked FOR THEM.

In other words, they’re telling you what played to their strengths.

And that doesn’t mean it will work for you!

But it's worked for them so you’ve gone off and tried:

🤞 Posting an IG reel daily

🤞 Running a FB group

🤞 Networking

🤞 Selling in your DM’s

🤞 Only creating marketing that provides value

🤞 Selling in your stories

🤞 Creating all of your content at midnight under a full moon

My strategy last year

Last year, I focused a lot of energy on content creation (I know you feel my pain here!) and networking.

Where did most of my clients come from?

Word of mouth.

Free sessions I had given away the year before.

A grand total of 5% of my clients came from networking.

And 2% from Instagram.

All the rest, from referrals or people who had worked with me previously.

What I'm doing this year

As the end of February comes bowling towards us, I’m celebrating a great start to the year.

Here’s the breakdown of where the clients have come from these last two months:

🔥 10% flash Valentine’s Day offer

🔥 12% renewing clients

🔥 15% word of mouth

🔥 28% returning clients

🔥 35% three free workshops

See, when I sat down and reviewed 2022 I realised one thing – people buy when they see me coach or when someone I’ve coached recommends me.

This year, I’ve set myself a goal of running a free workshop every month.

And it’s paying off.

Plus, as a nice little bonus, I’ve grown my email list by 12% the last six weeks through these workshops.

Showing up consistently on social media and cold outreach is not my strength.

Spending a couple of hours a week hanging out on networking calls eats into my time.

Teaching on a workshop?


Two years ago, if you had told me that I would happily put myself on video and talk for an hour, I would have laughed myself silly.

Turns out that I’m loving it.

My workshop experience so far is looking like this:

Love doing them + people get a lot out of them = audience growth + paying clients

This year, I’m focusing on three things; delivering the best experience I can for my clients, playing to my strengths in marketing my services and being bolder than ever.

If I were to ask you these questions right now, what would your answers be?

Where do most of your clients come from?

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to marketing yourself? Is it content creation, word of mouth, retention of existing clients, media, podcasting guest, blogging, webinars/workshops?

How much bolder can you go in showing your skills and experience?

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