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Three ways to create content that resonates

Module 2 of my programme A Tribe of Your Own is all about content creation. Creating great content is the golden grail for the new business owner – it sets you up as an expert in your field, it allows you to increase your audience and it helps with the journey from audience member to fully paid-up client.

Without a doubt, the comment I love to see most on my social media is this…

“It’s like you’re inside my head”

My first thought whenever I see that comment? “My work here is done!”

As we work through the content creation module and I tell my clients that they want to create content that resonates with their ideal client, they automatically ask “How?”.

Do you struggle with the same problem?

If so, read on and learn three ways to help you create content that attracts your ideal client.


Yes, yes, I know. Your services are for everyone.

No offence, but I’ve heard that one 100 times.

Look, tough love time. Niching doesn’t limit who you serve.

Niching is a marketing tool. And what is content creation? That’s right, marketing.

If you want to create messaging that makes your ideal client recognise themselves and their struggles, you need to know what their struggles are.

And the only way you can know what their biggest problems are is by identifying them.

Niching lets you target in on a specific audience with a specific set of problems that you can fix.

Your clients are coming to you for one reason – to fix their problems. Know what those problems are and you’ve got the foundations of your content.

The four biggest problems you fix for your clients are your four pillars of content.

Market research

Now that you know who your ideal client is, it’s time to start learning what they’re facing.

Come up with a specific set of targeted questions, including:

· What do you call yourself?

· What are top three problems you’re facing right now?

· Do theses problems make you angry?

· What solutions have you already tried?

· What keeps you up at night?

· What’s your biggest fear around xxx?

A note before we go any farther – a special note about one of those questions. Asking your audience if their problems make them angry is a key question. Anger is a big emotion and most people won’t admit to it. But if you stay silent and give them a minute, they will come up with the feelings that they are experiencing.

Where do you do this market research? Use your social media and put out a call on your profile and/or in groups you belong to. Coming up with 20 or so key questions won’t take more than 15 minutes for anyone to answer and people like to help.

And let’s face it, most of us love to talk about ourselves!

Your key takeaways from your market research?

  • What your ideal client’s exact problems are.

  • The underlying emotions that surround that problem.

  • The language that they use to describe themselves, their business and their problems.

Next step? Use the same language!

Engage with your existing audience

You have a wealth of knowledge sitting in your social media audience!! It’s like getting 24/7 access to the best consultants money can buy. Why wouldn’t you use them?

Ask them questions. Ask them to expand on comments they’ve left. Tell them you found what they said really insightful. Open the door of communication.

There’s tons of ways to engage with your audience on social. Here’s just a few:

  • Ask questions in your posts. We’ve all seen this done and it’s super easy. Whenever you write out a post about an opinion or a lesson you’ve learned or a common issue your clients face, finish that post with a question to your audience. Let them weigh in on whether your opinion is relevant to what’s going on in their world, if they’re facing those same issues as your clients and what they learned when they faced the same problem you did.

  • Hit up those DM’s. I know, I know. Super sleazy right? Well, no. You can pop into someone’s DM’s with good intentions. Have they left an interesting or insightful comment on your post? DM them to learn more about it or just to say thank you. Social media is about being social and the more conversations you’re creating the more you can learn about your ideal client.

  • Instagram story stickers. Pure. Utter. Genius. IG story stickers are a great way to check in with your audience. Whether you run a poll, ask a question or do a this/that, use these babies every single week to stay connected with your audience.

  • ·Ask questions in Facebook groups where your ideal client hangs out. Pay attention to what kind of help people in those groups are asking for.

The long and short of it? The only wat to get those “It’s like your in my head” comments is to get inside the head of your ideal client!

Need some help getting your content right? Each one of the modules for A Tribe of Your Own are available as a stand-alone. Book a virtual coffee with me and let's see if the Content module is right for you!

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